Your Club needs Your Help!

On top of registration and competition entrance fees we have insurance, traveling costs, equipment, and field rentals. Its easy to see then how costs can skyrocket upwards of $10,000 for a single season, and sadly costs only increase as the team succeeds. Since 1936 the Mineola Portuguese Soccer Club Mineola Portuguese Soccer Club through the Mineola Portuguese Soccer Club Center has been proud to operate using donations from two sources, sponsors and our supporters. If you ever watched a game in the past 74 years, know a loved one who played for or against us, you know that the feeling you received is a pure joy.

Your contribution to the Mineola Portuguese Soccer Club Mineola Portuguese Soccer Club will allow funds to be used where they are needed most in order to help finance the next legendary campaign. Whether it be the U.S. Open, USASA National Amateur Cup, ENYSSA State competitions, or even our own Mineola Portuguese Soccer Club league your gifts, regardless of size, will help to make sure that the Mineola-Portuguese are represented. Please feel free to donate in the manner which is most comfortable for you, either online using Pay-Pal’s non-profit services by clicking the link, or by U.S. Mail to the address below.


Please Call: 516-551-0501 for More info or CONTACT US

At this time donations are not deductible due to IRS regulations, please see your accountant if you have any questions.